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By signing this agreement concluded between: the undersigned: *USER, INDEPENDENT CONSUMER, BUSINESSMAN OR ACTIVE MEMBER and the social reason REACH YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM INC, In no case does this AGREEMENT refer to a company or something similar.

The parties, voluntarily and autonomously, have agreed to enter into this Affiliation Agreement subject to the following clauses and conditions:


First. – OBJECT: The present aims to indicate the conditions of the users of the AFFILIATES OR ACTIVE USERS to the network of ACTIVE MEMBERS, for the development of the system.

PARAGRAF 1: IMMEDIATE ACCOUNT LOCK: User  who shares privately or publicly either by WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube or any other social means the activation or content stored in the section EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL AND DIGITAL CONTENT the system  ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA. You will be BLOCKED AND DELETE YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM ACCOUNT immediately  without any right to claim.

Second. – RIGHTS OF THE ACTIVE USER OR MEMBER: The parties indicate that the ACTIVE MEMBER OR AFFILIATE shall have the following rights:

1. Terminate at any time, and unilaterally, the present by writing addressed to the address of address of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA.

2. Authorize ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA to use the personal data you have givenit, unless it will be used in judicial proceedings or judicial authority authorize its use.

3. Receive with membership a training method for the execution of the system, which can be virtual, physical, face-to-face, etc.

4. Membership shall include the rights to use the Accession and the training processes required for the marketing and promotion functions of the platform, for a period of time.

5. Use the platform to invite more friends to link to it.

6. Join all social networks and view real-time updates.

Third. – SPECIAL OBLIGATIONS OF THE AFFILIATED OR ACTIVE MEMBER: The following are obligations of the AFFILIATE or ACTIVE MEMBER, in addition to those referred to in the Law:

1. Make good use of the system.

2. Provide ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA with the documents that it requires for the diligence of the contract and the registration of the affiliate within the database of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA. When necessary or required by the authorities.

3. Given its financial and administrative independence, pay the costs and costs incurred by the implementation of the present or the system.

4. Be solely responsible for the leasing, financial, tax (tax and parafiscal), labor and social security obligations that it assumes in the exercise of the independent activity derived from the system.

5. Leaving the SYSTEM ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA unscathed to the criminal, civil, labor or administrative liability in which it incurs for the execution of the present, therefore, it undertakes to compensate ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA for any damage that arises in actions or omissions of the AFILIADO and / or its representatives.

6. Accept all the rules, conditions, requirements of each place where you use the system.

7. Comply with all laws of the country where the user is related to their independent merchantactivity.

8. Self-compliance with the instructions, manuals and guides given to it BY ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA for  the proper development of the system.


You have expressly the AFILIADO, ACTIVE MEMBER OR USER OF THE SYSTEM, prohibited according to what the parties have agreed, the following:

1. Provide incorrect or false information in your application to acquire the quality of AFFILIATES OR ACTIVE MEMBERS.

2. Use the trademarks, logos, names, trade shows, patents of invention ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA or the Company, without the authorization of it.

3. Recruit by any means, selection and/or recruitment in the name of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA 4. Use, create, produce, publish, distribute or obtain from source other than ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA any literature, recording (video, audio or other form), sales aids or marketing related to the system.

5. Acquire credits, debits, make expenses or obligations or open bank accounts in the name of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, unless mandated in writing.

6 Link, associate, affiliate, promote or recruit people for other network marketing companies using our name.

7. Make false or unapproved claims or innuendos by ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, about the system offered by it directly or indirectly.

8. Use third-party names, professions or corporations to offer the system directly or indirectly by  ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA

9. Promote the system offered directly or indirectly by LIBERTAD FINANCIERA NA with sponsorships, approvals, efficiencies, degrees, uses and advantages that do not actually exist.

10. Use confidential information from  ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA.

11. Present yourself as a representative or commercial agent ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, create  on behalf of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, blogger, pages, post, websites, applications on behalf of the company, which generates confusion to users.

12. Mislead third parties, so that with statements and/or promises they become part of the network of active members.



1. Supply the system to users.

2. Diligence and make optimal for system use.

3. Provide the training system, workshops and so on, for the perfect development of the program. 

5. Respect the user’s decision to ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA to unilaterally cancel the contract.

6. To report in a timely manner on changes or requirements required by the competent authorities for the development of the activity of an active member or affiliate.

Sixth. – DISCLAIMER OF THE CONDITION OF AFFILIATED, ACTIVE MEMBER OR INDEPENDENT CONSUMER: When an ACTIVE AFFILIATED OR MEMBER voluntarily renounces its status as an active member member unilaterally terminated this contract, it automatically loses its affiliation, position and consequently if it wishes to re-affiliate.

SEPTIMA. – VIGENCIA AND PRÓRROGA: The duration of the present is indefinite, counted from the date of signatures of the parties.

OCTAVA. – ASSIGNMENT: THE USER may not assign the present, without prior written authorization of LIBERTAD FINANCIERA NA.

NOVENA. – TERMINATION: The present will be terminated in the following cases:

1. Unilaterally by the AFFILIATE, by written request addressed to ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA  with 30 days’ notice.

2. Unilaterally by ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, by writing addressed to the AFFILIATE and sent to the address that the member registered orupdated, with 30 days’ notice. By mutual agreement.

3. For breach of any of the obligations or prohibitions set forth in this contract.

TENTH. – CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE: The parties agree that each and every activity carried out in the exercise of the commercial relationship, as well as the information that ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA delivered directly or indirectly to the USER, is classified as confidential.


THE USER expressly declares that:

You have freely read, understand and subscribe to this membership agreement. That the terms of the system, effects of membership, rights obligations, prohibitions, compensation plan, policies, manual guides and procedures of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, have been explained to you, understands and will apply them.

That the details or shares it accrues do not constitute wages, nor pay for the personal provision of the service, when developing their activities independently and self-management.

No utility or success is guaranteed or ensured. These depend on your performance. 

Special Provisions:

1. I understand that the user is responsible for the same system.

a. I understand the rules and regulations, terms and conditions which will be updated by ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA when it deems appropriate.

b. I understand that performing an account activation on ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA is equivalent to full acceptance of the system description and general conditions, which will be the only ones applicable.

c. To activate my account or to purchase the system I will have to follow the procedure.

d. I am aware that the system  ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA I obtain them on the platform of  ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA..

e. I understand that as a user I have to follow the conditions of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA 

f. As a manifest user and I understand to be an Independent user (for all purposes, including taxation and others).

g. I understand that ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA is a system that is entered freely and voluntarily.

h. Once YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM  has been accepted,  the system will be obtained in the manner as parties have agreed.

i. It is my free decision to view and take advantage of the system acquired with ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA..

j. ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA will not be responsible in case the user who acquires our system does not take advantage of it.

k. I approve that the  PLATFORM ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA allows me to see my contact details, such as my email and phone number to my sponsor or leaders above me, and below me to support and support me in the development of the system.

2. Except in the event of guilt, ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA shall not be liable for any indirect or damages arising from breach, termination or suspension of this Agreement, w matter w.a. w., w., w., w., w., w.

3. Once registered the Affiliate through its online registration and received the corresponding one will receive a Username.

4. I recognize as a user that to be active I must make the free and voluntary donation to whoever tells me the system.

5. By signing this the user acknowledges and accepts the clauses set out and the following supplementary clauses:

To. The user acknowledges and accepts that he/she must do the stipulations of this contract, from his registration in ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, otherwise he will not have the right to belong and if registered as an Affiliate he/she will be keptwithout performing it properly.

B. The Affiliate will perform healthy system information.

6. I have read and understood this agreement and acknowledge that I have received and read all terms incorporated by reference, and agree to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions contained therein, as well as the ANNEXES therein.

7. Under oath, I certify that I have studied and understood the information contained in this agreement and its annexes and that, to my understanding and opinion, it is true, correct and complete. I also attest and under oath that:

• I am the owner (or am authorized to sign by the holder) of all data entered and declared in this form.

• The data entered or declared in this form are not directly linked to a trade or a company or to be free imposed under any tax treaty.

• I authorize, that my email and mobile number can be shown to other members of the system, to reinforce and speed up tracking between users.

• I further authorize this form to be submitted to any withholding agent who has control, receipts, or custody of the income of which I am the beneficiary, as well as to any agent who may disburse or make profits from the income of which I am the beneficiary.

8. I have carefully and understood the terms and conditions annexed to this Application and Agreement of Accession, the Rules and Procedures, Code of Ethics and I am clearly known to the SYSTEM of ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA, and agree to observe all the terms set forth in suchdocuments.

The signature you placed at the bottom of this form implies my consent and adherence to all or embossed in annexes thereof, Rules and Procedures, Code of Ethics and the Marketing and Compensation Plan of the ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA Program. Thus I also have the right to cancel in writing at any time, regardless of the reason, this agreement, such request for cancellation must be made by the following formalities: in writing, with the corresponding signature and copy of your card or identity document sent by e-mail, being from the receipt of it automatically canceled from our company within the maximum term of 72 Hours.

Acceptance. On record that the parties agree to this agreement and terms and conditions, they accept it on the date of electronic registration on the PAGE OF ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA.  If you do not accept it do not register in the SYSTEM OF ALCANZA TU LIBERTAD FINANCIERA

Alcanza tu libertad financiera